Privacy Policy

At Lynkos, we value our community. You entrust us with your information and we are serious about that responsibility. We believe in transparency and are committed to being upfront about our privacy practices. This includes how we treat the personal information we collect or receive. We know you care about your privacy so we provide settings that allow you to control how certain information is used on Lynkos. This policy explains our privacy practices for (the “Site”), Lynkos’ mobile applications (the “Apps”) and services (the “Services”) provided by Lynkos to you (“You” or the “User”). By visiting the Site or using the Apps, you consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy. External links to other websites are clearly identifiable and we shall not be responsible for such other websites contents or privacy policies.

Information Collected or Received

Lynkos will not disclose your name, e-mail address or other personal information to third parties without your express consent, except as specified in this policy.

As a Lynkos user you are required to provide a valid email address when you register and choose a username or alias that will represent your identity on Lynkos.

Depending on which services you choose to use, Lynkos may require additional information, such as a shop name, billing and payment information (including billing address, telephone number, credit card information), a telephone number and/or a physical postal address. Credit card information on an account may be stored and used both for billing and payment purposes.

Lynkos may confidentially request shop owners more information about their shops or the items listed on the Site, to ensure that our rules are met. You may be required to complete an application for certain products or services on Lynkos.

Upon creating an account you can choose to add further information on your Lynkos profile, such as your professional experience and education. You can list professional affiliations, companies or individuals that you follow, as well as other information including contents.

Providing additional information will allow you further benefit from our Services by helping you express your business identity; find deals, opportunities, and information; and facilitate business opportunities to find you. It also enables us to serve you ads and other relevant contents on and off of our Services.

Your username, Lynkos ID or alias will be publicly displayed and connected to your Lynkos activity. Contact details that you include in your e-Store settings will be publicly shared on your e-Store.

Other people may view the date you joined, your reviews, ratings, profile information, items listed for sale, shop pages, sold item listings, shared contents and comments in community spaces.

Lynkos automatically receives and records certain information from your browser or mobile device each time you visit the Site or use the Apps, such as your IP address or unique device identifier, cookies and data about which pages you visit on the Site or on the Apps.

This information helps us analyze and understand how the Site and the Apps work for users and visitors, and provide a more personalized experience for both users and visitors.

When you use the Apps, you may choose to share your geographic location details with Lynkos in order to use our location-based services. If you have provided your location details but would no longer like to share this information, you may opt out of those services by changing the settings on the Apps. You may also enable the Apps to access your mobile device’s camera in order to upload photographs to Lynkos.

Some users or visitors may connect to or register a Lynkos account using an external third-party application, such as Facebook, or an app developed using the Lynkos API. Lynkos may receive certain data from these connected third-party applications. Connecting your Lynkos account to third-party applications or services is optional, and when you connect your account to an external app, you will be given the option to grant permission. You may revoke your permission through your Lynkos account settings.

Lynkos may receive or collect information (e.g., an email address) about a person who is not yet a registered Lynkos user (a “non-user”) in connection with certain Lynkos features, including but not limited to: a non-user subscribing to a Lynkos newsletter, a user inviting a non-user to visit the Site, a non-user engaging in a transaction, or a user sending a gift card code to a non-user. Non-user information is used only for the purpose it was originally submitted to Lynkos. Non-users may contact Lynkos Support if they do not wish Lynkos to retain their information.

Lynkos uses the information described in this policy to provide and improve services and products, for billing and payments, for identification and authentication, for targeted online marketing, to contact users or interested parties, and for general research and aggregate reporting.

Lynkos’ Terms of Use set forth that all account owners must be at least 18 years of age (or have the permission and supervision of a responsible parent or legal guardian), therefore, this policy does not discuss the use of our Site, our Apps, or services by minors.

Choice & Control

We are aware of the fact that our community users value controlling their own information, therefore, Lynkos gives you the choice of providing, editing or removing certain information, as well as possibility to choose how you wish us to contact you. You can always change or correct your Lynkos account information.

Lynkos may contact you about our services or your activity for various reasons. Some of these messages are user-required, service-related messages. Other messages are not required, and you can control which optional messages you wish to receive by changing the settings on your account. Learn more in the Messages from Lynkos section of this policy.

Lynkos may contact you about our services or your activity for various reasons. Some of these messages are user-required, service-related messages. Other messages are not required, and you can control which optional messages you wish to receive by changing the settings on your account. Learn more in the Messages from Lynkos section of this policy.

If you have optionally connected your account to an external, third-party application, such as Facebook, or an app developed using the Lynkos API, you may remove permission for the app by changing your account settings.

If you no longer wish to use Lynkos’ services or receive service-related messages, you can close your account.

We collect information for our Users, if you are a customer of one of our Users and would no longer wish to be contacted by one of our Users, please, contact such User directly.


You may connect directly with your email service provider, your mobile device’s address book or a social network account in order to import your contacts to Lynkos. We do not retain the login information for your email service, mobile device or social network site. You may be able to search for people you know through their e-mail address or phone number on the Site or by connecting to your mobile device’s contact list through the Apps. Finding your friends on Lynkos will help you connect with them in community features. You can follow another user’s public activity, such as shared contents, activity summaries, listed products and more. When you start following other users’ activities, they may receive an e-mail notification (unless a user has opted-out of receiving this type of e-mail).

You may use our address book or “contacts” importer (or like features) to upload your address book and contacts to our Services. We store this information (including telephone numbers) and use it to help you manage and leverage your contacts in connection with our Services. Likewise, we use this information to enhance your experience with our Services by helping you to grow your network by: identifying contacts of yours who are already Users of our Services; providing a template to send invitations on your behalf to contacts of yours who are not Users; and suggesting people you may know (even if not among your contacts) who you have not yet connected on our Services. We may also use this information to show you and other Users that you share the same uploaded contacts, be them Users or not.

Please note that when you send an invitation to connect to another individual on our Service (a “connection”) or to join our Service to connect with you, that individual may have access to your e-mail address or, for SMS invitations, your mobile number because it may be displayed in the invitation. After sending these invitations, we may also remind your invitees of your invitation on your behalf. Your Lynkos connections will also have access to your e-mail address.

We make other tools available to synchronize information with our Services, and may also develop additional features to allow Users to use their account in conjunction with other third-party services.

Another example are software tools that allow you to see our and other public information about the people you e-mail or meet with and leverage our Services to help you gain insights from and grow your network. If you permit these products to access your e-mail and calendar accounts, they will access and may store some of your e-mail header and calendar history information. Our products that synchronize with external e-mail services may also temporarily cache message contents for performance reasons.

If you do not wish your contacts to be able to find you on Lynkos through your e-mail address, telephone number or social networking connections, you may opt-out through your account settings on the Site. If you do not wish to be located on Lynkos via your full name, you may remove your name from your public account information on the Site. It is not possible to opt-out of being found via your username.

Messages from Lynkos

Lynkos will contact you occasionally. Primarily, messages are delivered by e-mail or by push notifications and every account is required to keep a valid e-mail address on file to receive messages. In some situations, Lynkos may contact you by telephone, SMS message or physical mail in order to provide you with customer support or with information about products and features that may be of interest to you. You may update your contact preferences in your account settings.

Some messages from Lynkos are service-related and user-required. Examples of service- related messages include, but are not limited to: a welcome/confirmation e-mail when you register your account, notification of an order or correspondence with Lynkos’ support team.

These messages are not promotional. You may not opt-out of receiving service-related messages from Lynkos, save if you close your account.

As a user, Lynkos may also send you messages related to certain features or your activity on the Site or Apps. Lynkos may also send you news or updates about changes to our Site, Apps or services. By default, users will receive these messages via email or push notifications through the Apps, but you may opt-out of getting certain messages by changing the settings on your Lynkos account or mobile device.

Lynkos offers you optional e-mail newsletters. When you register for an account or choose to subscribe, you will receive newsletters from us. Newsletters are available to both users and non-users. Users may subscribe or unsubscribe from optional newsletters under their account settings or by following the instructions contained in the newsletter e-mails. Non-users may subscribe by providing an e-mail address, which will only be used by Lynkos for these newsletters. Non-users may unsubscribe from newsletters by following the instructions contained in the newsletter e-mails.

A contact-importer feature is available to help you locate and connect with friends and contacts who may be users of Lynkos (see Findability). If someone in your contact list is not a user, you can invite them to join Lynkos. Recipients of e-mail invitations may opt-out of receiving future invitations by following the instructions contained in the e-mail invitation message.


Lynkos is a marketplace as well as a community. We offer several features that allow users to connect and communicate in public or partially public spaces, such as Forums, Stores and Content sections of the site. Please resort to your common sense and good judgment when posting in these community spaces or sharing your personal information on Lynkos. Be aware that any personal information you submit there can be read, collected or used by others. It can also be used to send you unsolicited messages. In general, Lynkos does not remove contents from community spaces so your posts may remain public after your account is closed. The personal information you post in community spaces on Lynkos shall be your sole responsibility. Other Lynkos users may follow your public activity on Lynkos to receive updates. You may choose to set certain activities as private through your account settings on the Site or on a case-by-case basis when sharing contents. After a user has begun following your activity, you have the option to block that user through the Site if you do not wish to share your updates with that specific individual.

Communications Between Users

Many communications initiated by you through our Services (for example, an invitation sent to a non-Member) will list your name and primary e-mail address in the header of the message. Messages initiated by you may also provide the recipient with aggregate information about your network (for example, how many people are in your network). Other communications that you initiate through the Services, like product purchases or reviews, will list your name as the initiator and will include your personal e-mail address contact information to the recipient.

Sharing & Disclosure of Information

We respect your privacy. Lynkos will not disclose your name, e-mail address or other personal information to third parties without your express consent, except as specified in this policy.

Lynkos limits access to your personal information to employees who we consider reasonably need to know that information to provide you with products or services or to do their jobs.

As part of the buying and selling process, Lynkos will facilitate the sharing of information between the two users involved in the transaction. Also, as part of the buying or selling process, you may obtain another Lynkos user's e-mail address, shipping address, payment information and/or other information. As described in Lynkos's Terms of Use, your license to use this information is limited, therefore, you can use it only for communications related to and for transactions facilitated by Lynkos.

The license granted to you by Lynkos does not entitle you to use the information for unsolicited commercial messages or unauthorized transactions. Without express consent from that person, you must not add any Lynkos user to your e-mail or physical mailing list or store or misuse any payment information.

Lynkos may disclose your personal information to a third-party in order to protect, establish, or exercise our legal rights or defend us from legal claims; comply with a subpoena, court order, legal process or other legal requirement; also when we believe in good faith that such disclosure is necessary to comply with the law, prevent imminent physical harm or financial loss, or investigate, prevent or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, threats to our property or violations of Lynkos' Terms of Use. We may reveal personally identifiable information to other parties in compliance with our Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy, inasmuch as we believe, at our own discretion that it is necessary or appropriate in connection with an investigation of fraud, intellectual property infringement, piracy or other unlawful activity. In such events, Lynkos may disclose a name, address, country, phone number, e-mail address and/or company name.

Lynkos is affiliated to several businesses and works closely with them. Through Lynkos’ services these businesses may offer promotions or sell items or services to you. Lynkos can also provide services or sell products jointly with affiliated businesses. Given our business model, when your transaction is associated to an affiliated business, we may share information about such transaction with said affiliated business. Lynkos may share aggregated demographic information with its business partners.

In some cases, Lynkos may choose to buy or sell assets. In these types of transactions (such as sales, mergers, liquidations, receiverships or transfers of all or substantially all of Lynkos’ assets), user information is typically one of the business assets that is transferred. Should Lynkos transfer information about you, Lynkos will notify you by e-mail or by posting a prominent notice on the Site and the App, and you will be offered an opportunity to opt-out before your information becomes subject to a different privacy policy.

Third-party plug-ins may collect information about your use of the Site. For example, when you load a page on Lynkos that has a social plug-in from a third-party site or service, such as a Like or Send button, you are also loading content from that third-party site. Cookies may be requested from your browser by that site. These interactions are subject to the privacy policy of the third-party site. In addition, certain cookies and other tracking mechanisms on our site are used by third parties for targeted online marketing and other purposes. These technologies allow a partner to recognize your computer or mobile device each time you visit Lynkos, but do not allow access to personally identifiable information from Lynkos. Lynkos has no access to or control over these third-party technologies so please bearin mind that they are not covered by our privacy policy. For more information, see our Cookies & Tracking Technologies page. If you prefer to prevent third parties from setting and accessing cookies on your computer, you may set your browser to block cookies. And you may opt-out of the use of cookies by Google Analytics here.

Additionally, you may remove yourself from the targeted advertising of companies that participate in the Digital Advertising Alliance program by opting out here. Although our website does not currently respond to “do not track” browser headers, you can limit tracking by taking these steps.

We can only speak for ourselves, therefore, this policy does not apply to the practices of third parties not owned or controlled by Lynkos, or of individuals not employed or managed by Lynkos. If you provide your information to others on Lynkos or the Internet, different rules may apply to the use or disclosure of the information you provide. Lynkos does not control the privacy policies of third parties, however, where applicable, you will be subject to the privacy policies of those third parties. Lynkos shall not be responsible for the privacy or security practices of other websites on the Internet, even those linked to or accessed from the Lynkos Site or Apps. We encourage you to ask questions before you disclose your personal information to others.


We display personal testimonials of satisfied customers on our site in addition to other endorsements. With your consent, we may post your testimonial along with your name.


We care about your personal information’s security. Your Lynkos account information is protected by a password. It is important that you protect your account and information against unauthorized access by choosing your password carefully and keeping your password and computer secure by signing out after using our services.

Lynkos encrypts sensitive information (such as credit card numbers) using secure socket layer technology (SSL). Lynkos follows generally accepted industry standards to protect the personal information submitted to us, both during transmission and upon Lynkos’ reception thereof. Transmission over the Internet or electronic storage methods are never 100% secure. Therefore, while we strive to use commercially acceptable means to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee complete security. Lynkos offers optional advanced security settings for users, such as two-factor authentication for signing in, full-site SSL, and login history; you can enable these options at your account settings.

Data Retention

Lynkos will retain your information only for as long as it is necessary or while your account is active or as needed to provide you services. If you no longer wish Lynkos to use your information to provide you services, you may close your account. Lynkos will retain and use your information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, settle disputes and enforce our agreements.

You may inform us of any changes or requests with regard to your personal data and, pursuant to our obligations under the local data protection law, we may update or delete your personal data accordingly.

Amendments to this Privacy Policy

Lynkos hereby reserves the right to amend this privacy policy at any time so, please, review it periodically. We shall communicate any changes by posting a notice on the Site or the Apps. If we make any substantial changes to this policy, prior to the change becoming effective, you will be notified here, by e-mail, in the version notes on the Apps' platform or other places Lynkos deems appropriate

Contact Us

Should you have any questions about personal information or any suggestions to share with us, please contact Lynkos’ Support Team via our Help Center, by sending an e-mail to: We will respond to you within 30 days upon receiving your correspondence.